M.K. Awad, V. Mahinthan, Xuemin Shen, J.W. Mark
IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (GLOBECOM' 09), 2009,
Publication year: 2009

In this paper, a novel Kalman filter-based power allocation scheme is developed for cooperative networks with inaccurate channel state information (CSI). The channel estimation error is embedded in the power allocation model which results in uncertain linear and time varying system. The robust and constrained Kalman filter (RCKF) scheme adapts the allocated power to channel variation while satisfying the average bit error probability (BEP) requirements of each subscriber. The proposed scheme’s low complexity and robustness to channel estimation inaccuracy make it practical for real networks implementations. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme converges to the optimal allocation with light computational burden despite of the inaccuracy in the received CSI.