I teach several courses in programming, systems design, computer communications and networking at both graduate and undergraduate levels.

Currrent Teaching

  • Present2018

    CpE 612-495 Capstone Design

    This course contributes a capstone design experience in Computer Engineering. Typically, it would require the student to build on the aggregated knowledge gained in previous years. Students will have design experience involving hardware and/or software systems to meet the desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environment, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability. Students will acquire skills in design tools and practices, functional teaming, oral and written technical communication.

  • Present2017

    CpE 612-395 Computer Systems Engineering

    This course provides an overview of the development of systems in computer engineering; primarily through hands-on design experiences and development of professional skills. The course provides information about the principles, methods and skills that are essential to engineering design. It investigates the concept of a life cycle, nature of life-cycle models, and phases of typical life cycles. The topics covered include quality issues, process, issue of teams, team selection, roles in teams, elements of teamwork, selection of support tools, standards, technologies, techniques and approaches associated with the different phases, special problems of design and the issues associated with tradeoffs, special problems of hardware/software tradeoffs, testing, and project management.

  • Present2017

    CpE 612-443 Multimedia Systems and Applications

    In this course, students will be introduced to principles and current technologies of computer-based multimedia systems. They will study current media types (images, video, and audio) and how they are used to create multimedia content. Issues in effectively representing, processing, and retrieving multimedia data will be addressed. Multimedia network communication and applications will be considered. The students shall learn to implement basic techniques of multimedia data processing in MATLAB.

  • Present2018

    ENG 600-307 Numerical Methods and Programming in Engineering

    This course lays the foundation for solving applied engineering problems using numerical methods and computer programming. The primary programming language is MATLAB, which will be learned as a tool for solving problems. The course will also introduce some of the fundamental of numerical methods, which include: error analysis, roots of nonlinear algebraic equations, solution of linear and transcendental simultaneous equations, matrix and vector manipulation, curve fitting and interpolation, numerical integration and differentiation, solution of ordinary differential equations.